Winter Woodland Part 3 – The Outwoods with Snow

As it has been a couple of yaers sunce there has been some local snow it was nice to see aome snow arrive over the last couple of weeks. My Winter Wood series jist wouldn’t be complete,

I was quite fortunate to find a day after the first snow fall when the sun was out. This did test my photograhic skills with the extreme contrast in light. The camera never captures what your minds eye can see. I needed to do quite a bit of post processing work to lower the very bright sun and lift the dsrker areas. I like this image becuase it shows the typical english snow. It never gets too cold and so the snow is always wet and sticks to the tree trunks. This does make for a great image.

Another two images on the same theme. When I was walking in the wood I felt like I had stepped out of a wardrobe into Narnia.

The snow in the wood is ofcourse a great chance to create some true Black and White images. My favourite tree for this style of image is the Silver Birch because of the texture along the trunk.

There is very little snow but the stream offered this little Robin some sanctury and food.

No matter what the weather dogs always get their walk,

One of the features of many of the woods in the Charnwood Forest are the rocky outcrops. There are almost always volcanic and have interesting angular shapes. There will more about this in my next blog.

The edge of the Outwoods are surrounded by farmland. Even so it is good to see that a number of mature trees still remain.

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