Beautiful Birmingham

In someways it’s quite surprising that Birmingham has much to commend for beautiful photos. I found this out on a recent trip with my good friend Dave Walters. Our objective was to create some really great architectural images. I’ll leave you to judge the results. The other good thing is that Birmingham is far easier, cheaper and quicker to get to than London which is where many photographers go for their architectural images.

Having done a park and ride from Coleshill, inside Birmingham New Street was our 1st stop. This was a hand held long exposure. It’s not ideal because the contrast was too high due to the direct sunlight coming through the roof. Why no tripod, well, normally security tend not to like such an evil contraption.
This is a nice combination of the good old Bullring tower and the very new station casing. It’s a shame they have fitted the street lights is such a poor position.
Another angle on the station but without the street lights. I think I was quite lucky with the clouds.
So I told my daughter that I was going to Birmingham to photograph Sainsburys. She said “why ?”. This is why.
The new library was an interesting addition to Birmingham. The outside whilst grabbing my attention just doesn’t work for me. But ……..
I love the inside with all those gorgeous curves. There are a lot of lights and I’m never quite sure whether I should leave them in or make them disappear.
This was taken with my 24mm lens from the floor and I think I would have liked a wider shot to collect the full circle.

To finish here is traditional Birmingham, the city with more canals than Venice.

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