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Back in Time with Black and White Film

It was my birthday in July and the present that surprised me most was an old Zenit-B film camera. I hadn’t asked for this camera but it was in fact my first camera that I had when I first became seriously interested in photography in the late 1970s. So, it just had to be done. […]

The Golden Sands of Lincolnshire

Skegness to Ingoldmells During the first week of June I made my first trip the golden sands of the Lincolnshire coast. This is a favourite holiday desitination for many Midland families with most people staying in the many caravans that hide behind the sandbanks that run along the whole of the Lincolnshire coast. Apparently there […]

Bennerley Viaduct – Nature Fights Back

This week I made my 1st trip to Bennery Viaduct near Ikeston in England. Bennerley Viaduct is a grade 2* listed railway viaduct built in 1877 by the Great Northern Railway Company. The viaduct was in operation for 90 years until 1968 when the national railways were restructed. From a distance the viaduct looks much […]

SPRINGTIME WOODLAND – 2 – Spring Flowers

There are always flowers to be found in woodlands. However, the most most spectacular time is from mid-April through to May. The days are longer, the waether is warmer and the insects are more abundant. The flowers have their best chance of seeing the essentail sunlight at this time of year before the tree canopy […]


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I am currently in a year long project to record the ever changing local Woodland. I hope you enjoy some of my images through the seasons.

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